3 EPA Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

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a photo of a sick or allergic woman with a tissueDo you find yourself sneezing and coughing when you walk into your home? Are you suffering from allergies or chronic sinus or lung inflammation? It might be time to clean up the air in your home!

The Environmental Protection Agency (or EPA) is an authority on air quality and how to improve it. Here are some of their recommendations for making your air easier to breathe:

Source Control

What’s polluting your indoor air? It could be anything from per dander and cigarette smoke, to more hazardous substances like asbestos or mold spores. The best thing to do is schedule an indoor air quality test to identify the problem and how to solve it.


The ventilation ducts in your home could be the culprit behind the wheezing and sneezing. They gather dust and other particles over time, so be sure to have your ducts inspected to see if they need cleaning or repair.

Air Cleaners

You can use anything from houseplants, to tabletop units, to High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters to trap particles. The type of air cleaner you need will depend on the type and severity of the pollutants in your air. Schedule an indoor air quality test today so that you can breathe easy!