Benefits of Zoned Heating & Cooling

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Think about it: when you leave or return to your home, do you use a single light switch to turn off or on (respectively) all the lights throughout the house? It sounds silly to think about, right? But consider that this is exactly how many heating and cooling systems operate. You have a single thermostat, usually centrally-located, that controls the temp for the whole home, sometimes even multiple floors.

While this is the norm for many and we have simply adjusted to this reality, there is another option! Zoned Heating and CoolingZoned heating and cooling is an efficient, convenient solution for customizing the indoor comfort of your whole home. Zoned HVAC works just like it sounds: by creating zones.

Multiple thermostats are placed throughout the home — on each floor, grouped by rooms near one another — so that the temperature can be more dialed in for a given area. This also means that you can dictate which rooms or areas are being cooled or warmed, and which are not. Zones prevent the unfortunate waste that occurs when unused sections of the homes are receiving premium air flow, while those in which you spend your time are remaining at less-than-optimal comfort levels. In fact, you can save up to 30% on your electricity bills by implementing zoned heating and cooling!

Zones are another key way that you can implement green practices in your home by taking advantage of energy use that is targeted for utilized areas, and eliminating waste or superfluous running of your heating or cooling unit. This means less wear and tear on your system as well, so you’re also preserving the life of your HVAC components and reducing the need for premature replacement.

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