Ventilation System Installation

If you’re concerned about air quality and humidity, call us and ask about our ventilation system installation in Arvada, CO and its neighboring cities.

A good ventilation system can mean the a picture of a fan ventilation systemdifference between healthy air quality, and stale or musty air full of allergens. Allergies to mold spores are common, as well as allergies to dust, cigarette smoke, and other irritants. When your ventilation system fails to perform, everyone breathing the air is at risk – especially children, or anyone with chronic lung or sinus conditions.

Here are some of the things a new ventilation system can do for your home or office:

  • Keep Outside Allergens from Entering
  • Take Away Indoor Paint or Cleaner Fumes
  • Remove Toxic Particles and Byproducts
  • Improve Overall Air Quality
  • Improve Well-being of Family or Employees

Which Ventilation System Do I Need?

While some smaller areas might be fine with spot ventilation, like the kind you see in oven hoods and bathroom fans, whole-house ventilation will ensure that your entire home or office enjoys improved air quality. These are the most popular ventilation systems.

a diagram of an energy recovery ventilation system

Courtesy of MNS Housing Initiative

There are a few different types of ventilation systems to choose from. Here is some basic information about these systems and how they work:

  • Exhaust Systems – An easy and affordable ventilation type, exhaust ventilation systems work by depressurizing the structure they are attached to.
  • Supply Systems – Also easy and relatively inexpensive, supply ventilation systems work by pressurizing the home or building.
  • Balanced Systems – These systems work by introducing outside air while simultaneously sending polluted indoor air outside.
  • Energy Efficient Systems – Also called energy recovery ventilation systems, these systems keep energy loss to a minimum. These are definite energy savers, and can reduce the price of cooling costs. They can simultaneously cool (or warm) and filter air that comes in from outside.

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