Furnace Replacement: When Is It Time?

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There is nothing worse in the winter time than your heating system going out on your and your family. When you first switch on your system, you may not notice any problems and a furnace may start normally. It is important however, to keep an eye or ear out for anything abnormal from your heating system. Furnaces have specific signs prior to failure, and noticing these may help you prevent your family from having to deal with extreme cold weather while you wait on your new heating system.

Signs of Furnace Failure

Aphoto of furnaceny indicators that furnaces about to fail will usually be noticeable. It is always important to keep up with the age of furnaces in your home. The average lifespan for these heating systems is about 15 to 20 years. That being said, if repairs are becoming more and more necessary to keep furnaces working, there may be a need for replacement.

Furnaces may start kicking on and off more often, heating rooms unevenly. When this happens, your energy bill will spike and continuously raise. If you notice any raises in your utilities, do not disregard this as the time of year as it could be a sign that a furnace is failing. Your furnace itself may start putting off dust, rust, and even start talking back to you.

Furnaces and Maintenance

Having furnaces maintained through the year can extend the life of a furnace system and prevent any failure in the winter. Many people do not think of their heating system during the warmer months. This allows problems to arise and grow, causing eventual break down. Make sure you have your furnace maintained and inspected prior to use. Do you need furnace maintenance or replacement in Denver, CO? Call (720) 276-1403 for Green Tech Heating and Cooling today!