How A/C Efficiency Can Save You Money This Summer

Green Tech Heating & Cooling Energy Efficiency

Air Conditioner EfficiencyMaking a few changes around the house is all you need to make your air conditioner run more efficiently. This will reduce the amount of energy being used and save you money on your utility bills. These steps can be used for any air conditioning system to help improve your air conditioning and air quality.

Professional Servicing

Hire an air conditioning technician to service your A/C unit annually. Having your cooling system professionally maintained ensures there are no leaks or damage causing your A/C to run slower. A technician can also clean the air ducts and replace the A/C filters. This will help the air conditioner operate more smoothly while improving the air quality in your home at the same time.

Window Improvements

Seal gaps or cracks around the windows using a weatherizing tape or caulk. This keep the cool air from seeping out of the house which causes the air conditioner to run longer. Using high efficiency windows can reduce your bills up to 50%. Consider adding UV coating or window films to prevent heat and UV rays from heating up the rooms in your home. Shades or blinds can be used for the same effect although they will also reduce the amount of light allowed in as well.

Air Circulation

Use ceiling fans and register booster fans to help circulate cool air through the house to prevent the air conditioner from having to constantly run in order to keep the rooms cooled off. Make sure to use the ventilation fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to help remove heat and steam.

These methods can help make any air conditioner run more efficiently. This can help you save money and reduce the amount energy necessary to cool your home. Scheduled maintenance for your A/C unit can save you money in the long run by catching any problems before they cause costly damage. If you need air conditioner maintenance in Brighton, CO, call Green Tech Heating and Cooling today.