How to Minimize Your A/C Bill With Green Roofing

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Green Roofs Can Be Used Almost Anywhere.

Green Roofs Can Effectively Optimize Your Air Conditioner’s Performance.

Green roofing has been used for decades in European countries and is now making a huge impact in America as a uniquely beneficial way to be green. This roofing idea implements the use of plants and greenery on your rooftop which, in turn, provides cooler, less contaminated air for your home’s use. These rooftop gardens not only deliver unparalleled beauty but can also help save on energy bills and help your air conditioning system minimize its workload. Get the most from your air conditioning unit with an easy to install a rooftop garden.

Creates an Insulated Barrier

Green roofing naturally creates an insulated barrier that reflects UV rays in the Summer for less heat absorption as well as keeping in heat in the Winter to minimize the work of your heating system. With this natural form of insulation, your A/C and heating units use less energy and power, leading to a longer life and lower energy bills.

Minimizes Urban Heat Island Effects

In the city, buildings and homes battle more heat. Green roofs are known to eliminate these effects with photosynthesis which naturally cools the air around the greenery. This can lead to cooler air around your home, providing cooler intake and less work for your unit.

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