Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Everybody wants to save time and money, and many do that by skirting on maintenance issues they think aren’t needed. While that may apply in some areas, air duct cleaning is beneficial to a target audience. If you suffer from allergies or have mold in your home, cleaning your air ducts is an effective way to improve your breathing conditions. If you are needing air duct cleaning services in Arvada, CO, call the HVAC technicians at Green Tech Heating & Cooling at (720) 276-1403 today.

How Air Duct Cleaning is Done

If You Have Mold Or Allergies, Air Duct Cleaning Services Can Relieve Them

An HVAC technician will use a specialized vacuum that fits into the small openings of the air ducts to suck up all the dust, pet hair, allergens, mold, and more debris that has been building up since the last time the duct was cleaned. Don’t worry about all that dust flying around as they clean- an experienced and professional technician will cover your belongings and carpet. Using a soft-bristled brush, the fiberglass duct board is scrubbed clean. If severely dirty, it might be more economical to replace your duct board than to rack up service hours the technician spends cleaning it. A technician can check for any leaks while up in the air ducts and can repair them for an additional charge. Sealed air ducts lower energy bills and provide better air flow.

Does Air Duct Cleaning Remove Mold?

Mold grows from water. If your air duct has a leak, mold will easily grow in the damp place without you being aware of it. Mold in air ducts is extremely dangerous as the spores are released into the air filtration system, which you then breathe in, and become sick by. If you air ducts in your attic or other tight areas, mold loves to grow there is there is a leak. Keeping your insulation dry and checking for leaks and roof damages can help prevent future mold growth. Part of your air conditioning unit has a cooling coil in the air duct system. This coil removes water from the air and drains it in the condenser pan. Obviously this can be a big source of mold growth. Clearing out the pan regularly and cleaning the coils helps keep them dry. The HVAC technician should also do this when he performs his air duct cleaning services.

We Provide Air Duct Cleaning Services

Mold and allergies aren’t fun for anyone. Your home is supposed to be a place where you can relax, not be filled with indoor air pollution. Breathe easy, literally, and call Green Tech Heating & Cooling at (720) 276-1403 for our Arvada, CO air duct cleaning services.