Is It Time For Water Heater Replacement?

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Repair and Maintenance Can Help Keep Your Water Heater At Its Best.

Your home needs hot water in order to complete its daily routines, such as cleaning, cooking, and more. However, your hot water heater can fail at any time. Many homeowners dread the day that their system will stop working properly and lead to expensive replacement. What can be done to prevent this? Having regular maintenance and repair can keep your system at its best and even extend its life. However, replacement may become inevitable for one reason or another. Keeping your eye out for very specific clues and signs can ensure you can plan ahead and get the service you need when you are ready.

Signs You Need A New Water Heater

It Has Been In Your Home For Many Years: Keeping note of the age of your water heater can make the difference in preventing a crisis. These systems can last eight to twelve years.

The Water Heater Groans And Rumbles: If your system is moaning, groaning, and rumbling when it kicks on, it requires inspection. Usually, this means that there are mineral and sediment building up in your heater, creating the proper environment for your system to overheat.

Your Water is Rusty Or Has A Metallic Taste: Have you ever gotten a glass of water from the tap and realized it tastes sort of metallic? This could be due to minerals in the water or the tank rusting due to wear.

Leaks Have Begun To Occur: Over time, wear can grow and create leaks in your tank, allowing water to seep around your water heater. This issue needs to be handled quickly to stop or replace the system as the leak can grow and allow water to sit in your home.

Your Hot Water Isn’t Like It Used To Be: Of course, if you go to turn on the hot water tap, you expect hot water. If your water isn’t heating as quickly or staying hot as long as it used to, consider system repair or replacement.

For your water heater replacement, Green Tech Heating & Cooling is available to assist you! We provide you with quality systems and installation service to give your home the hot water it needs. Reach out to our experts for your water heater system installation in Brighton, CO by dialing (720) 276-1403.