Trane HVAC

Green Tech Heating and Cooling is happy to offer Trane HVAC in Arvada, CO and the greater Denver metropolitan area. We partner with the top HVAC manufacturers to bring you the best, most reliable, and most energy-efficient products and services.

Why Trane?

a picture of a house in ColoradoTrane excels in tough products that are put through punishing tests before they are deemed worthy of customers’ use. While every manufacturer performs product testing, Trane puts its products through a high level of distress to make sure they are the most resilient in the industry.

At the Systems Extreme Environmental Testing lab in Tyler, TX, units are put through a harrowing 16 weeks of extreme heat, cold, and corrosive agents. The tests are repeated every two weeks, and often continue for 2,600 hours straight. In fact, Trane systems have been tried and tested in 900 different ways. If the technicians can’t break a unit, it makes the cut and gets distributed for purchase.

A History of Excellence

Trane gets its name from founder James Trane, an immigrant from Norway who settled in La Crosse, WI. Trane opened a plumbing shop, but the severe cold of Winsconsin’s winter months led him to invent the Trane Vapor Heating System – a new type of low-pressure heater.

a picture of outside HVAC unitsTrane’s son earned a degree in mechanical engineering, and when he came home after graduation, he and his father began manufacturing right away. In 1913, The Trane Company was incorporated.

Trane became a true pioneer of HVAC when it came up with the idea of using air conditioner units to cool people during hot summers. That was in 1931.

In 1982, Trane acquired G.E.’s central air conditioning division, and became a real industry leader. Since then, Trane has become a globally-recognized and respected brand. In fact, the company estimates that one Trane unit is installed during every minute of every day!

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Our team is excited to be able to offer Trane products to our customers. If you have any questions about Trane HVAC in Arvada, CO or any of our service areas, don’t hesitate to call us now! (720) 276-1403