Boilers and Water Heaters

We install and repair boilers and water heaters in Arvada, CO and other local areas. Water heaters and boilers are similar in function, but there are some important differences between them. Here’s what you need to know about these heating systems and how they work:

Hot Water Heaters

a picture of a hot water heater tankWater heaters are comprised of a large tank that holds your supply of water and keeps it warmed to about 125 degrees. They can run on electricity or natural gas. Whenever you use warm water in your home, like when you take a shower or do a load of laundry, the water at the surface of the hot water heater is piped to wherever you need it. The tank then refills with cool water from the bottom up, and the reheating cycle carries on.

Hot water heaters are great, but they require regular maintenance to keep them performing well. Without upkeep, they can develop problems, such as:

  • Sediment – This sandy substance is actually residual debris from minerals in the water. It can stop up the tubes connected to the hot water heater. It can also cause knocking sounds as air bubbles shoot up past the sediment.
  • Rust – Some owners add water softeners to reduce sedimentary build-up, but these can contain corrosive additives that will damage the water tank or tubes over time.
  • High Water Pressure – This might sound like a good thing, but water pressures higher than 80 psi can harm your pipes and appliances, as well as the hot water tank itself.

We would be happy to come and inspect your hot water heater to make sure it is running as efficiently and safely as possible.


a picture of a boiler valveBoilers are energy efficient heating systems that are healthy for the home and the environment. They can run on renewable resources, such as wood and corn, which can cost much less than traditional fuel sources.

Unlike the tank and pipe system of hot water heaters, boilers use a “closed loop” that recycles the boiling water that is already present. Steam rises, the heat is distributed where it is needed, and the still-warm water that remains returns to be boiled again.

We have installed and repaired many boilers and water heaters in Arvada, CO and surrounding areas. Give us a call at (720) 276-1403 so we can find the best solution to heat your home.