Heating Systems and Repairs

picture of a cold man who needs heating system repairIf your heating system isn’t performing the way it should, call the experts for heating systems and repairs in Arvada, CO. Our dedicated team has years of experience with HVAC systems. We want to make sure that your home is as comfortable as possible, especially during the colder months!

Poor heating systems can circulate allergens and bacteria at a time of year when your immune system is already at its lowest. Keep your family warm, happy, and healthy by knowing what to look for with your own heating system.

Common Problems with Heating Systems

Whether you have a gas furnace or an electric heater, there are some common issues that you should be aware of. Please contact us immediately if you believe your HVAC unit is experiencing the following:

  • Loss of Heat – If your furnace is working poorly, or not blowing heat at all, we will come and investigate to find the problem. This could be anything from clogged ducts to worn out component parts.
  • Uneven Heating – Do some rooms in your house feel the heat, while others stay cold? Uneven heat distribution can be caused by poor insulation or faulty equipment. You can trust our experienced HVAC team to make sure your unit is properly insulated and running at maximum efficiency.
  • a picture of a red hot heating coilExcessive Dust – You don’t want musty, dusty air circulating through your home. Leaky ductwork can bring in spores and duct particles from the basement, attic, and other dark corners of your home. We can eliminate this pollution by sealing up the ducts.
  • Excessive Noise – All heating units make a bit of background noise when they are running, but it shouldn’t be bothersome. If you have a noisy heater, there could be a problem with the ducts or the coil. We’ll be happy to take a look and give you our professional opinion.
  • Old Units or Heat Pumps – Is your heater or heat pump 10 – 15 years old or older? If so, it’s time for a replacement. Ask us about the newest options in energy efficient heating systems.

Whatever the problem, we will find it and fix it! Call (720) 276-1403 today to ask about our heating systems and repairs in Arvada, CO and nearby locations.