Zoned HVAC Service

a picture of a zone damper system for zoned hvac

Courtesy of Atlant, Wikimedia

We provide zoned HVAC service in Arvada, CO and surrounding locations. Zoned HVAC systems are the ultimate in climate control. Through motorized dampers and zone control panels, you can keep each area of your home as cool or warm as you like.

Imagine the convenience of heating or cooling only the areas of your home that truly need it.

How Does Zoned HVAC Work?

Zoned HVAC works through a series of thermostats and dampers. When a damper is open, it blows cool air or heat into the room of your choice. This is great for warming up bedrooms on cold nights, without having to heat the rest of the unused rooms in the house.

You control the dampers through thermostats. If someone in your home is sensitive to cold or heat, simply use the thermostat in their room to tailor the temperature to their maximum comfort.

The dampers open and close at your control. If you prefer to sleep in a cool environment, simply close the dampers to the rest of the home and keep your bedroom as cold as you like it.

a picture of a programmable thermostatThe system can also be set to monitor the different rooms in your home, keeping them at a preset temperature. Using programmable thermostats, you can go to sleep in a cool bed, then wake up and walk into a warm living room. It’s the future of climate control, now.

Properly-installed zoned systems are energy efficient. We will happily install thermostats in as many rooms as you need. Using a zoned HVAC system can help you save big on energy bills, since it acts as an on-demand heating and cooling system. Energy bills are typically the highest utility bills for most people, so this can be a huge budget-saver!

When Can I Get a Zoned HVAC System?

Give us a call today at (720) 276-1403! Our experienced, reliable team will evaluate your home, work up a quote, and go over the best climate control options for your needs. When you use Green Tech, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the best zoned HVAC service in¬†Arvada, CO and its neighbors.