Top 3 Energy Efficiency Tips!

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photo of energy efficiency

Many people want to reduce their carbon foot print and become more energy efficient, but have no idea how to start. The news would lead you to believe that such an undertaking must be extremely expensive and unrealistic for anyone to do. This is not true! We here at GreenTech firmly believe anyone and everyone should become more energy efficient to preserve the environment. After all, the environment is our legacy to the future. We have compiled a list of three simple ways to start your home on the path to energy efficiency.

Our Top Three Tips For Energy Efficiency:

  1. Wash Your Clothes In Cold Water – Using cold water can actually save your wallet about $63 dollars a year! This is because your washer does not have to spend extra time trying to heat up the water. Also, your colors won’t run and your clothes will last longer. Win/win!
  2. Use That Thermostat! – Many newer homes come with a programmable thermostat, and some former home owners installed these in their old homes. Utilize this! These thermostats dont simply allow you to set your AC/Heater to a certain temp but also when any why it turns on, making heating and cooling predictable.
  3. Unplug When Off – Phantom draw from electronic is very real! Just because you turn an electronic off does not mean it wont pull energy! Make sure you unplug your not in use items.

While these are only our top three energy efficiency tips, we hope they help you begin your journey on the green path for you home! There are so many ways to reduce your foot print, from changing to energy star products to having your AC & Heater inspected between seasons for peak efficiency.

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