Central Air Conditioning Repair

Your AC is one of the most active components in your home or business. When it fails, you can start to have unfiltered, uncomfortable air that can lead to overheating and is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. The Green Tech Heating & Cooling team delivers fast, effective repair that returns your system to normal. Call our professionals at (720) 276-1403 to learn about our central air conditioning repair in the Brighton, CO area.

Common Issues With Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioning Repair

Know When You Need Central Air Conditioning Repair for Your Home or Business.

Over time, your AC can start to display signs of wear or other damages. Luckily, there are clues that can help you discover when there could be a problem with your system. Contact our experts at the first sign of a problem for affordable, efficient central air conditioning repair in Brighton, CO.

  • Refrigeration Issues: Refrigerant problems are the most reported problem in central air conditioners and is usually fixed quickly by refilling your refrigerant. However, there are times when low refrigerant stems from leaks within your AC lines. A pressure test should be conducted to ensure leaks aren’t the culprit.
  • Part Failure: a Part breakdown in your central air conditioner can cause improper operation and performance. When this happens, your technicians will help you weigh the age and condition of your unit with the price of repair vs. replacement. Whether your system needs a coil replacement or your sensor is malfunctioning, our professionals are knowledgeable in every type of part repair.
  • Drainage Problems: Due to heavier use in warmer months, your air conditioner may drain more than usual. Backed up or clogged drain pans may lead to serious damage to your unit and in your home. Our technicians complete a full evaluation of your unit so you know that your drain system is clear and operating properly.

Call Us for Central Air Conditioning Repair Service

For central air conditioning repair in Brighton, CO, there’s only one team to call. We perform a full evaluation of your system and go through all of your repair options. We are also able to offer the highest-quality materials and products on the market through carefully honed relationships with the area’s top distributors. To get quality air conditioning service in the Brighton area that you can trust, call our experts at (720) 276-1403.