Mini Split AC Service

Sometimes, a mini split system is a more efficient choice than window units or central units. Mini split AC systems offer concentrated, individually programmable air handlers that can deliver forced air to your office or home. This style of unit is ideal for multifamily structures, room additions, offices, and retrofitted systems, and can be installed in even the smallest spaces. The cost upfront for installation can be a lot more costly than traditional air conditioners, but with a mini split air conditioner, you won’t have a lot of space being taken up. Not only that, the installation for a mini split is a lot faster than a central AC unit. Dial (720) 276-1403 to find out if a ductless mini split AC your Brighton, CO home or office is a good choice.

Why Use a Mini Split AC System?

Mini Split AC

With a Mini Split AC System, You Can Have a More Energy Efficient Air Conditioner.

Mini split ACs are able to deliver air with no oversized, hard to maneuver ductwork. Because of this, they are able to save the energy typically lost when traveling through ducts, and they are able to be installed in much tighter spaces. In fact, users have seen up to 30 percent energy savings. While these units are more costly up front, their temperature control capabilities help save money by allowing cooling in specific areas and times. Mini split AC systems also provide high-quality air by eliminating the contaminant build-up that can occur in ductwork. Call our HVAC technicians to talk to our professionals about your ductless mini split AC options around Brighton, CO. We are the professionals you want to work with when you need a mini split air conditioner for your home or business.

Convenient, Reliable Mini Split AC Installation Service

For a mini split air conditioner system that offers great durability and energy savings, depend on the Green Tech Heating & Cooling experts. We ensure you always receive the air conditioning service you want by going over all of your choices, including details such as cost, performance, and lifespan. Our expert installation services help ensure that your system is operating at its best. Find out which type of ductless mini split AC is best for your Brighton, CO home or business by calling our licensed technicians at (720) 276-1403.