Air Conditioner Fan Repair & Replacement

The fans in your air conditioner are extremely important in order to get excellent cooling for your home or business. There is one fan that blows cool air in your property and the other one blows on the condenser coils. Each fan is essential, so if you are having a lack of cooling or no cooling at all in your home or business, call Green Tech Heating & Cooling today! We can inspect every part of your air conditioner; if we see that one of your fans is damaged, we can provide repairs for your air conditioner fan for your Colorado home or business. Common issues with an AC fan are dirty air filters, problems with the relay, or a damaged motor. Whatever the reason, you can call us at (720) 276-1403 to get your AC fan repaired today.

When Do You Need Air Conditioner Fan Replacement?

Air Conditioner Fan Repair and Replacement

The Motor, Relay, or Filter Could Be the Cause for a Replacement for Your Air Conditioner Fan.

The air filter, relay, and motor can cause your AC fan to need a replacement. The relay is like a switch that is able to provide power to the fan. When the relay stops working, so does the fan. The motor has a huge responsibility of keeping your AC fan going, but because it has to continually run, it can wear out easily.

With dirty filters, you are looking at an air conditioner fan that is working way harder than it should. Air conditioning maintenance is a great way to prevent all of these parts from failing, but if they do, know you can depend on Green Tech Heating & Cooling for replacement service for your air conditioner fan in Brighton, CO. Get in touch with us in order to make an appointment.

Call for Our Air Conditioner Fan Services

When you need repairs or a replacement for your air conditioner fan in Brighton, CO, please contact our HVAC technicians at (720) 276-1403. We are able to provide professional HVAC parts replacements services for various parts in your air conditioning system. We want nothing more than you to have a comfortable and cool home or business when the temperatures get hotter outside. Call Green Tech Heating & Cooling whenever you need parts replaced, repairs, or installations of any kind. We are available to help you with any kind of air conditioner need that you might have.