Whole House Air Filtration System Service

Whether you’re in the middle of the city or you live in the country, your home’s air can be full of particles that lead to allergy and respiratory issues along with dry skin and odors. Make sure that your home’s air supply is pollutant-free by installing a whole house air filtration system, offered in the Brighton, CO area by the Green Tech Heating & Cooling HVAC professionals. We provide a variety of indoor air quality systems for your convenience and can deliver information about each style to help you identify the best filtration system for your needs. Give us a call today at (720) 276-1403 to learn more about how a whole house air filter can help your residence.

Whole House Air Filtration System Options

Whole House Air Filtration System

At Green Tech Heating & Cooling, We Offer Options for a Whole House Air Filtration System for Your Home.

There are multiple whole home filtration options, each delivering a specific set of benefits. Extended media filtration uses a multilayered filter in the intake to remove particles from your air as it enters the system. While extended media systems offer effective filtration at an affordable cost, they need filter replacement twice per years for optimal performance. Electronic filtration systems use an electrical charge that attracts and eliminate foreign contaminants in your home’s air. While these systems are extremely effective and durable, they can be more expensive than their extended media counterparts. UV filtrationcan also be applied as a supplement for your filtration system. While ultraviolet filters aren’t ideal for allergen and solid matter removal, they are unbeatable in bacteria and germ elimination from your air. Call our HVAC technicians to find out which whole house air filtration system in Brighton, CO would work best for your home.

Expert Filtration Service That You Can Rely On

When you call the Green Tech Heating & Cooling professionals for your whole house air filtration system around Brighton, CO, you can be sure you are getting the best air conditioning serviceavailable. Our technicians provide the details you need to make the perfect selection for your home and deliver installation and repair services that keep your system working optimally for its full lifetime. Whether you’re looking for system maintenance for your current system, or you’re in the market for the best way to filter your home’s air, we are here to help. Call (720) 276-1403 to learn about each of your whole house air filtration system choices in Brighton, CO, and how the Green Tech Heating & Cooling pros can help.