HVAC Blower Motor Repair & Replacement

Your HVAC blower motor is the power behind your air conditioning system, pushing air through your ductwork and across the house. You depend on your HVAC blower every day to deliver the fresh, cool air that you love. You may be witnessing a problem with your motor whenever you hear your HVAC system running but don’t perceive any air blowing from the vents. Thankfully, Green Tech Heating & Cooling is here to help you with replacement and repair services for your HVAC blower motor in Colorado. All you need to do to begin is give our office a ring at (720) 276-1403 and schedule your system checkup! We are the HVAC company to call when you want professional and affordable HVAC parts replacement for your air conditioner or heater.

Causes for Blower Motor Repair

HVAC Blower Motor

There Are a Couple of Reasons That You Will Need HVAC Blower Motor Repair or Replacement.

It can be difficult initially to diagnose why your HVAC blower motor is malfunctioning. The majority of issues lie within one of two different categories: system inefficiencies or isolated part failure. Inefficiencies include filthy or leaky parts of your system, which can compel your blower to work overtime to compensate. Dirty evaporator and condenser coils, stopped up filters, and leaky air ducts can accelerate the deterioration of your HVAC blower and (eventually) lead to early part replacement.

Part failure may also occur inside your motor or in sections with direct repercussions on your blower’s functionality. Over time, broken bearings inside your motor generate a whining noise and damage your blower. Outside of your motor, defective thermostats and faulty switches will prevent your blower from activating or keep it turn on till it burns out. Get services for your HVAC blower motor in Colorado by calling us today.

Superior Service for Your HVAC Blower

You can trust our heating and cooling technicians at Green Tech Heating & Cooling to help you with any problems you may face with your HVAC blower motor in Colorado. Our experts start with a complete checkup of your system to determine whether your blower requires complete replacement or simple repairs. You can schedule an inspection with one of our courteous technicians; simply call (720) 276-1403 for further details.