High Velocity Mini-Duct System

Though standard central heating and A/C units effectively perform in the majority of homes and offices, sometimes a high velocity mini-duct system is more efficient and affordable. These HVAC systems are smaller and deliver a variety of advantages that can’t be found with a traditional air conditioning or heating unit. Find out more about high velocity mini duct systems, offered around Brighton, CO by the Green Tech Heating & Cooling professionals, and if it’s the best choice for your needs when you call (720) 276-1403.

What is a High Velocity Mini-Duct System?

High Velocity Mini-Duct System

For High Velocity Mini-Duct System Installation, Call Our HVAC Technicians.

High velocity mini-duct systems provide the same level of air as a standard central heating and A/C system, but with much smaller ducts. These systems also use increased pressure to move the air, delivering more even distribution. By using high velocity air delivery along with programmable zone control, mini-duct systems offer substantial savings on energy costs. Minimal maintenance requirements together with quick installation make this system perfect for new property installations and older home retrofitting.

Expert Installation for Optimal Operation

Though these systems are known for offering extreme energy savings, optimal performance is only possible with professional installation and maintenance. Get the highest-quality installation and repair service in town for your high velocity mini-duct system in Brighton, CO by calling the Green Tech Heating & Cooling professionals. We work with you to discover your needs and provide affordable options that are effective and long-lasting. We discuss details about your choices like costs, lifespan, and benefits so you are aware of exactly what you’re getting. If you’re looking for better air control without the energy cost, speak with the Green Tech Heating & Cooling experts to get more information about high velocity mini-duct systems.

The High Velocity Mini Duct System Repair Specialists

Your high velocity mini-duct system may require service or repair over the years, much like any HVAC unit. Our professionals are skilled and knowledgeable in all kinds of mini-duct systems to provide you with the best service available for your unit. We perform a complete inspection to diagnose each of your system’s requirements and go over all of your choices for air conditioning service that fits your budget. We provide effective repairs that are hassle-free and don’t interrupt your day. Call us at (720) 276-1403 to get services for your high velocity mini-duct system in Brighton, CO.