HVAC Circuit Board Replacement

If you have a furnace, then it is pretty likely that you have a circuit board. The circuit board in your furnace is basically the brain, as it controls a wide variety of things in your furnace including, the ignitor, gas valve, flame sensor, and blowers. Since they manage a lot of areas in your furnace, it’s important that it’s in good condition. If you have been having issues with your furnace and you aren’t sure what the issue is, call Green Tech Heating & Cooling today. Our licensed and fully-insured HVAC technicians can inspect your furnace and determine what part is giving you trouble. If we find that the circuit board is the issue, we can offer circuit board replacement for your Brighton, CO home or business. Get in touch with us by calling (720) 276-1403 now! We can set up an appointment time that is convenient for you.

Why You Might Need a Circuit Board Replacement

HVAC Circuit Board Replacement

A Circuit Board Replacement Could Be Needed Due to a Malfunctioning Circuit Board or Bad Wiring.

If you have never worked with an HVAC system, it can be hard to tell when a part replacement is needed and this can’t be more true for a circuit board. It performs a ton of functions, so it might be hard to pinpoint where exactly the issues lie. A lot of the times, the problem has to do with the circuit board working too hard, improper installation of the circuit board or the circuit board is defective. Whether it has overheated or it has a bad connection, our technicians are able to figure out where the issue is stemming from and repair it. If for some reason we are unable to fix the problem, we will provide circuit board replacement for your Brighton, CO home or business. If you would like to make an appointment, call our office today.

Get in Touch with Us for Circuit Board Replacement Service

We want every inch of your furnace to work like it should, so give us a call at (720) 276-1403 now! Whenever you need circuit board replacement in Brighton, CO or other HVAC parts replacement service, Green Tech Heating & Cooling is the place to call! We ensure that we are able to pinpoint what the problem is and replace it with a completely new part.