HVAC Relay Replacement

Ever wonder how heating and cooling parts like motors and compressors turn on? In order for certain components in your HVAC system to work, they need to be turned on with an HVAC relay or contactor. A relay is a switch that turns on those high voltage parts in your heater or air conditioning system. When the relay or contactor stops working, then it is unable to power other, necessary components, which in turn makes it hard for the HVAC system to work. When you are having issues with your heating or cooling system, call Green Tech Heating & Cooling! We are able to inspect your heater or air conditioner and determine if the relay is the issue. If it is, we can provide our customers with a replacement for their HVAC relay in Colorado. Get in touch with our team of technicians by calling our office at (720) 276-1403.

Why an HVAC Relay Replacement Is Needed

HVAC Relay Replacement

The Contact, Coils, and Linkages Can Be Culprits for Getting a Replacement for Your HVAC Relay.

There are a couple of reasons why your HVAC relay will need a replacement.

  • The Contacts: The relay needs to make good contact in order to draw in high voltage. Without it, the condenser and compressor are unable to work. They will look burned or be stuck together when they can no longer provide the necessary voltage.
  • The Coil: The coil works with the contact to generate a magnetic field to keep the contact closed. If the coil is damaged then the contact is unable to close and produce the correct voltage.
  • The Linkage: When there is a linkage problem due to mechanical issues, it can cause the contact to not be in alignment, stay open, or stay closed, all of which are not helpful to the performance of the contact.

At Green Tech Heating & Cooling, with a simple inspection, we are able to determine what part of the relay is defective and provide a replacement for your HVAC relay for your Brighton, CO home or business’s HVAC system.

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If you are looking for a professional HVAC parts replacement service for your HVAC relay in Colorado, please call Green Tech Heating & Cooling today! You are able to make an appointment with one of our technicians by calling us at (720) 276-1403! We look forward to working with you and getting you a better working relay.