Furnace Pressure Switch Replacement

Your furnace has specific safety sensors in place to protect against improper operation. The pressure switch controls the start of the ignition process after the chamber is cleared of leftover gases. A bad pressure switch stops your heating system from coming on and may allow harmful gas to escape. If your heater isn’t coming on, call the Green Tech Heating & Cooling professionals to find out about our pressure switch replacement services, offered around Colorado. We want you to have the very best heating for your home or business, so we work hard in order to make this a reality for you. Call us at (720) 276-1403 to schedule your appointment today.

What is a Pressure Switch?

Pressure Switch Replacement

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Modern furnaces have multiple safety features, like the pressure switch. Once your thermostat signals your furnace to power on, the inducer fan eliminates any leftover gases from the exchanger chamber. Once the chamber has been cleared, the pressure switch transmits the signal to begin the ignition process. If the inducer fan fails to get rid of these gases for any reason, the pressure switch will send a different signal, prohibiting ignition in your system. When your system has a faulty pressure switch, ignition is stopped, inhibiting power to your furnace. A faulty pressure switch can also cause unsafe gas distribution into your air. Our experts are able to provide switch replacement that returns your system to great, fast. Find out more about the importance of your pressure switch replacement in for your Brighton, CO home or business or to set up your service appointment when you call us today.

Professional Replacement for Your Pressure Switch

The skilled experts at Green Tech Heating & Cooling can replace your pressure switch as well as performing all other HVAC parts replacement you may require. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your heating system to identify any hidden damages, and go over your repair and material choices to ensure you receive the service you expect. In order to ensure you always get the best products on the market, our experts have established relationships with the area’s top distributors. For pressure switch replacement in Brighton, CO that’s reliable and effective, speak with the Green Tech Heating & Cooling professionals. Contact our experts now at (720) 276-1403 to set up your appointment.