Improve Your Indoor Air This Winter

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Along with beautiful snow and festive holidays, the winter season often brings dry skin, sickness, and other problems. To help prevent some of these common problems, you can use your home as your first line of defense. Here are some tips to improve your indoor air this winter!

Use a Humidifier

indoor airIf you tend to suffer from cracked lips, dry skin, or inflamed sinuses during the winter months, try using a humidifier in your home. Adding some moisture to your indoor air can ease dryness and keep you healthier. It can also reduce your heating bill, and more humid air feels warmer than dry air.

Check The Air Filters

In the winter, most people tend to spend more time indoors. While cuddling on the couch with Fido and Netflix is great, you may be breathing in more allergens and pollutants than you realize! Keep your indoor air as clean and fresh as possible by checking air filters regularly. Don’t wait to change them until they are clogged with dust! Don’t forget about the furnace filter as well.

To help reduce dust, viruses, and other pollutants in your indoor air, stick to a regular cleaning schedule. Especially if you have upholstered furniture or carpet floors, vacuum and dust once a week to cut down on dirt in your home. Clean your tile and wood floors, too, and leave shows by the entryway to keep mud and outside germs in one place.

Clean Your Air

If you notice a musty odor in your home, you might consider an air purifier. Different systems offer various benefits, from eliminating viruses and bacteria to easing allergies and asthma symptoms. If you don’t need to eliminate odors and just want your home to smell better, you can simmer some aromatic spices and citrus in a pot of water to fill your home with a warm, welcoming scent.

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